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Christmas Mesh Wreath DIY – Weave Pouf

Cost – $12

Time – 1 hr

Materials needed:

1 wreath ring (14″)

5-6 rolls of mesh ribbon

10 pipe cleaners, cut in half

Optional supplies:

1-3 types of decorative ribbon

As many bells, flowers, ornaments or other materials you’d like to use

1 wood sign for center

1 bow


1) Attach the end of the first roll of mesh to the outer ring of the wire wreath using half of a pipe cleaner. I tucked the end in and made a pouf as seen here:

2) Pull around 3″ inches of the ribbon up through the first outer two rings. I used my hand width as a guide.

3) While holding onto the first loop, pull more ribbon up through the second and third wires (middle set). Again, it should be about a hands width.

4) Repeat with third set of wires. You should now have three loops pulled through

5) Push all three loops towards the end of the section. Without cutting the wire, repeat steps 2-4 with the rest of the ribbon, push each set of three towards the previous loops as you go. On my wreath I used one whole roll per section of the wreath ring.

5) When you get the end of one roll, tie the end of the old roll to the end of the new roll with pipe cleaner and attach to the wire wreath. Tuck it under so you don’t see it.

6) When you are done with the mesh, fluff and rearrange as needed to hide the wire wreath.

7) Decorate your wreath with your accessories. Hang and enjoy!

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