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Parota Table Phase 4 – THE FINISH!

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As soon as the base arrived, my husband marked off where the screws would go on the bottom side.  We figured it would be easier and safer to do this now, prior to the finish being added, so we didn’t have any issues with scratching the surface.

Once we had our screw holes marked, the next step was to add an oil to the finish to brighten up the colors.  We were recommended by the guys at the sanding company to use Linseed Oil, which really enhanced the color and made all the grain really pop.  Since it takes a couple days to dry, my husband would add a coat, wipe off the residue, and let it sit for a couple days.

We didn’t have a lot of time most days so it sat a lot longer than we would’ve liked.  So four coats ended up taking us 3 weeks, but I don’t think we really needed that many layers.  Especially since we ended up putting an epoxy coat on the very top anyways, so we probably could’ve gotten away with just one coat.

The epoxy layer was the hard part.  It took my husband many nights of adding the epoxy, letting it cure, sanding it off, and trying again to get it right.  Since the parota wood is very porous, we kept having an issue with the epoxy bubbling at the surface.  We tried many things to minimize the bubbles, including a heat gun, a sealing layer, and thin layer of epoxy, etc.  The only thing we found that really worked was a combination of all three, and by the fifth or sixth re-do of epoxy he was able to get it just right.

Finally, after months of hardwork, getting to this final moment was such an exciting moment.  It was finally time to put both our custom pieces together.  Drum roooooollllll pleasssseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a big project that my husband and I took on as amateurs, but after having done so much research, so many layers of oil, so many layers and redo of epoxy, and browsing hundreds of base options, we could do this again in a heartbeat.

We aren’t pros, but dang our table looks goooood. 🙂