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Parota Table Phase 3 – The Base

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During the weeks long process of getting the finish on the top just right, my husband left it up to me to pick out the base.  He initially wanted the base to be a solid piece of wood, or even a tree trunk but there was no way that was going in our home.  The weight alone would make any moving of the table impossible with something like that, plus the design of a trunk base just didn’t go with the style of our home.

I came up with the idea of using a metal base, but all the bases I found online were a little too small, too large, or not the design I wanted.

I ended up finding a company in Seattle, Symmetry Hardware, that makes custom steel table legs to your specifications.  They had multiple finishes and designs available, and I decided on an A-Frame base with a black coated steel finish.

The Big Alpine

What I loved most about this company was that they make any size I wanted.  I could choose the height, the width, and the length so every detail was customized to our wood top.  They were also great at replying to my emails very quickly which is a huge plus when ordering online.

Once I placed my order, all I needed to do was wait.  It was a grueling 4-6 weeks – I couldn’t stand the anticipation.

Once it arrived it was just a beautiful as I had expected.  The craftmanship was outstanding and the powder coating finish gave the steel a touch of elegance.  I was in looooove.

Now it was time to attach our top!  We were almost finished!!!!

Parota Table Phase 4 – THE FINISH!