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Christmas Wrap Wreath DIY – Spiral Pouf

Cost: $12

Time: 1-1/2 hours

I’m normally a Scrooge when it comes to the holidays, and I partially blame that on the fact that I live in Southern California so it’s not exactly easy to feel Christmas-y in summer weather and no snow (unless you make the 3 hour trek to the mountains).

My sister, on the other hand, already put her Christmas tree and decorations up first of November. It kind of got me thinking, “Why not?” So this year, I’ve decided, is gonna be my all out Christmas decoration transformation!

And to start, I’m going to be showing you how to make a quick and easy DIY Christmas wreath. This is my favorite to make and took about 2 hours on my first go around. What I love about this the most is that you can get all the supplies at the Dollar Tree, plus there are so many options for styles and cutesy add ons. This one below cost me $12 so it’s really affordable. Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

1 wreath ring

5-6 rolls of mesh ribbon

30 pipe cleaners

Optional supplies:

1-3 types of decorative ribbon

As many bells, flowers, ornaments or other materials you’d like to use

1 wood sign for center

1 bow


  1. First you want to precut all the mesh into 8-10″ lengths. It’s easier for me to have them all ready to go in a pile. I also precut all the pipe cleaners in half too.

2. Then you want to grab one and roll it really tightly. Pinch it in one hand while you roll up two more. Pinch the three together at the middle and wrap tightly with pipe cleaner. I like to do this with all the rolls and get them all ready at once.

3. Once you have all the bundles prepared you can start adding to the wreath ring. Mine had 4 wires going around. Start by wrapping the first bundle to the outer two rings using the ends of the pipe cleaner. The second bundle of mesh should then be tied to the middle two rings. And the third bundle should be tied to the inner two rings.

4. Continue doing this with the rest of the ring. I did mine with 6 bundles in each section of the wreath ring.

Halfway there!

5. Once you’ve finished adding all the bundles, you can start adding the decorations. Using the same method with the pipe cleaners, add in your decorations. I only used color ribbon on mine, but I think if I would’ve had more time I would’ve definitely added more.

6. Hang up and enjoy!

I think these have a really nice look and you can give them away as gifts. I gave mine to my mother in law and she absolutely loved it. Cheapest present I ever gave.

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