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Parota Table Phase 1 – The Need

One day it hit me.  Our dining table was old, overused, and abused.  It was time for a new one.  We had purchased a bar height four seater 5 years prior from a discount warehouse store here in Socal.  It was well past it’s expiration date and the time had finally come for a new one.

I started searching for cheap tables online, and then my husband brought up the idea of getting a live edge parota table.  I had never heard of it before but once I looked up photos, I was hooked.  The photos showed beautiful flowing lines and irregular edges that looks like they should’ve been squared off, but made the table look that much more beautiful that it wasn’t.  It was the perfect blend of rustic but sophisticated with the metal frame bases and the white high back pillowed chairs.  I had to have this for our home.

But once I started searching for stores that actually carried these in stock, our dreams of a beautiful exotic wood top came to a screeching halt when we found that they were minimum $2,500…. and we ain’t rich mmmmkay?… that definitely wasn’t in our budget.

Then we remembered how we saw some tables a few years back at some little shops south of the border in Rosarito, Mexico.  So we grabbed our passports, our kiddo, and our two chihuahuas and we headed for Meh-hee-co.  Ay ay ay!  We were pumped!  We were going to find the table of my husband’s dreams at our dollar store budget!  We stocked up on chips, water, and dog treats, and made the three hour trek south … only to realize that it was Sunday and they were closed. * cries *

But that didn’t stop us from snooping through their yards or peeking through the windows.  I was a woman on a mission and I wasn’t going home without the table of my dreams! Also I was six months pregnant at the time and extremely emotional about the littlest things.  Once I had set my mind that I needed something in my life … it needed to happen or I would lose hours of sleep at night and pull my hair out thinking about it.

Anyways, my creepiness caught the attention of one of the store owners who reluctantly let us in and showed us his inventory.  It was just meh… a little too rustic and raw for my liking but my husband of course was in heaven.  They were very masculine with their solid trunk bases and large fills in the surface.  I started losing hope that we were just going to settle for something regular shmegular from a box furniture store.

Then it hit me. Why not make our own table?  We had the resources to do so, so why struggle to find the perfect table to fit our needs, when we could make the perfect table?  I do have a handy dandy contractor husband after all, who works with wood products everyday and has all the tools already!  We immediately started researching all the bits and pieces needed and soon realized we could make our own table, only better, and cheaper!

And so, our Parota table journey began….

Parota Table Phase 2 – The Top


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